About Idö

Idö is a small island in the archipelago of Västervik on the Swedish east coast. The size of Idö is appx 1 sq km (0,4 sq miles). Idö is the outer  island in the archipelago. Due to this location main activities among people living on Idö have been fishing and involvement on the Pilot Station at Idö.

The Pilot Station is now closed and its activities have been moved to Västervik. The former Pilot Station have been transferred to a Marina with a Restaurant, small shop, cafeteria and possibilities for accomodation. All facilities at the former Pilot Station are operated by Idö Skärgårdsliv. See 
www.idoskargardsliv.com for more details of their operation.

As the value of the traditional eal fishing have been reduced no fishers are living in the trational fishing village at the east coast of Idö. Some eal fishing around Idö is still done out of Hendelöp. The fishing village itself have only inhabitant during winter while all houses are occupied during most of the summer.